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Update #14 - posted April 1, 2009

Construction of the building is now 100% complete and our head tenant, BC Safety Authority, has completed their tenant improvements, moved in, and is now operating from the building. Limited leasing availabilities are still available. Visit the leasing section of this site for more info!

Update #13 - posted January 1, 2009

Construction of the building is now fully complete including all of the interior finishes in the lobbies and common areas. Some trades are still working on minor deficiencies prior to opening the building to the public. We anticipate opening the parkade and elevator access to the ground floor for retail customers of BCAA and Vancity within the next few weeks. Overall the building is looking fantastic!

The building's main office tenant, BC Safety Authority, has also started construction of their tenant improvements and are scheduled to move into their new offices at the end of March 2009.

Update #12 - posted October 8, 2008

The building's construction has been substantially completed.  The exterior glazing, canopies and aluminum panels are all complete.  The electrical and mechanical systems are all complete  and in the process of being commissioned.  Elevators are running and have been put into service.  Ceilings are in and lights are operational.  Most subcontractors are finishing up their work and completing the last details and deficiencies.

On the outside of the building, all sidewalks have been replaced over the summer, and new boulevard trees have been planted during the last week.  All new signs and awnings for the retail business have been installed. 

With the base building completed, attention has shifted to interior finishing work.  The main floor lobby and the various elevator lobbies are being finished with slate floors, lime stone cladding on walls, and other architectural details. 


Update #11 - posted June 30, 2008

Construction is now moving into the final phase.  The exterior walls of the building are nearing completion with the majority of the exterior wall framing and glass now in.  Installation of the aluminum panels along the base of the building is scheduled to start next week.

We have started replacing sidewalks around the building.  The first section was placed June 27th.  All sidewalks are being replaced from the corner at 5th Avenue (at BCAA) to the lane north of Westminster Centre (at TD Canada Trust).

On the inside, work is progressing on all fronts.  The mechanical systems installation is nearing completion.  Electrical work is progressing well.  Drywall is being installed on all interior walls.   Two of the 3 elevators are now installed and moving in the hoistways.  Washrooms are ready to be finished with floor and wall tiles.

The building is scheduled to be substantially completed by the end of August.


Update #10 - posted April 30, 2008

Several major components of the construction project have now been completed.  This includes the strctural steel frame, all concrete formwork and placement, and Q-deck for the floors.  With all heavy construction activities now having been completed, we were able to remove to overhead crane from the site on April 29.  Traffic on Sixth Street has been completely restored. 

Meanwhile, the installation of the roof is also nearing completion.  The installation of the exterior curtain wall system is progressing well.  Exteriors windows are now being installed on both the front (west) and east facades.

On the inside of the bulding, the installation of the three passenger elevator has begun.  Electrical and mechanical subcontractors continue their work.  Steel stud walls are being framed.   On the ground floor, the construction of the new Vancity branch is progressing very well.


Update #9 - posted March 24, 2008

Considerable progress has been made during the last few weeks.  The construction of the concrete building core has now been completed.  Also, the steel structure for the 2nd (south) half of the building has been erected.  The roof has been installed on the north half of the building.

The installation of the curtain wall system (aluminum and glass exterior wall) is progressing well with a significant portion of the curtain wall now in place on the east side of the building.  The contractor has started installation of the aluminum frames on the west side

On the inside of the building, various subcontractors have commenced work, including interior wall framing, electrical, and mechanical.  Also, Vancity has commenced construction of their new branch on the ground floor of the building, which is scheduled to open in July.


Update #8 - posted January 30, 2008

Construction of the new office building is progressing well.  Several additional subcontractors have now mobilized and commenced work.  Q-deck installation is complete in the first half of the building.  Mechanical and electrical subcontactors are       on site and have started their rough-in work.

During the coming weeks, we expect the formwork for the new elevator core to reach the roof level, which will allow the remaining portion of the structural steel frame to be erected.  Also, the roofing and glazing subcontractors are scheduled to commence their work in mid February.


Update #7 - posted December 11, 2007:

The new building is starting to take shape.  Approximately 45% of the steel structure has been erected.  Construction on the new elevator core is progressing rapidly and is now at the 2nd floor level.  

On the ground floor, work is underway for the new storefronts and floor slabs for the new Vancity branch.  On the 2nd floor parking level, walls have been completed, and the parking areas have been restored.


Update #6 - posted October 26, 2007:

Several significant components of our construction program are now complete.  This includes the demolition of the former cinema structure, the excavation for the footing for the new building elevator core, and the seismic upgrades to the ground floor retail level. 

McDonalds has been relocated and has re-opened for business.

The construction tower crane has been set up and is operational.  Crews have started on building the new elevator core.  In addition, new walls are being built on the P2 parking level and at the ground floor retail level.

Contracts have been awarded for all major components of the project.

In the coming weeks, we expect to see the first part of the new steel structure being erected and the new building starting to take shape. 


Update #5 - posted August 13, 2007:

Construction is progressing on schedule.  The demolition of the former cinema structure is over 50% complete.  The large mobile crane that is presently parked on Sixth Street is scheduled to be moved around the corner onto Fifth Avenue by August 27.  The demolition of the remaining portion of the 2nd floor structure will be completed by September 15th. 

As the existing roof has been completely removed, a temporary roofing membrane has been installed over the existing 2nd floor slab to protect the retail business from rain water during the upcoming fall months.

The new McDonalds restaurant is taking shape.  McDonalds is scheduled to open from their new premises on September 17, 2007.

The contract for the structural steel for the new office building has been awarded to

XL Ironworks.

Update #4 - posted July 5, 2007:

Seismic upgrades to the ground floor level have been completed.  The removal of the first stairwell has also been completed.

The construction of the new McDonalds restaurant has started.  McDonalds is being relocated to a new street front location in Westminster Centre in order to make way for the new office lobby.

The demolition of the cinema structure has been awarded to Pacific Blasting and Demolition.  Pacific has mobilized and is presently preparing for the removal of the large concrete exterior wall panels.  This work will be done by large mobile cranes parked on Sixth Street and Fifth Avenue.  This work is scheduled to commence July 16, 2007.

Scaffolding has been installed on the sidewalks to protect pedestrian traffic on the sidewalks during the upcoming construction period.


Update #3 - posted May 18, 2007:

Construction is progressing on schedule. 

The cinema closed down April 30.  The cinema equipment (projectors, sound equipment) was removed and donated to Massey Theatre Society.  The removal of hazardous materials has also been completed.  At present, the demolition of the interior improvements is underway. 

On the ground floor, seismic upgrade work is continuing.  A new shearwall is nearing completion.  Floor slabs on the inside are being raised to meet sidewalk elevations for the future streetfront retail tenants.

Crews have also started the demolition of the first of two stairwells that are being removed.  These large concrete stairwells used to provide access to the 2nd floor cinema and are no longer needed for the office building. 


Update #2 - posted April 16, 2007:

Construction has started! 

We are pleased to report that construction has started.  The general contractor, PCL Constructors Westcoast, has mobilized on site and has taken control of the construction area.

The first phase of the work consists of seismic upgrades to the ground floor.  These upgrades will bring the base on the building in compliance with current seismic codes.  Part of the work presently ongoing is the construction of a new shearwall on the ground floor. 

PCL is also preparing for the removal of the existing stairwell leading to the cinema.  This work will start immediately following the closure of the cinema on April 30.   The area presently occupied by the stairwell will become part of the street front retail space. 

With most of the construction activity taking place within the building, presently there is minimal impact on the operation of the building.


Update #1 - posted March 14, 2007:

On March 12, 2007, New Westminster City Council approved the issuance of the Development Permit for the project.

PCL Constructors Westcoast has been selected as the General Contractor for the project. 


Visit this page again at a later date to check on the progress.


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